TEASER/EXTRACT — First Date: Finn’s POV


I wanted to write something new and I thought we could all do with something happy and sweet after today’s news. So I started writing this a couple of hours ago… and it turns out that (unsurprisingly, being me) it’s turned out a lot longer than expected. I said to theblanknotebook at the start of the month that I’d write this. So here’s the first bit, to whet your appetites. It’s from the chippy scene in 2x01, and I’m planning to write all the way up to the red cabbage scene. So yeah, quite long. I’ll try and post the rest tomorrow so here’s a teaser/extract for now. 

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nico-sexwizard Yesssss we all needed this after the day we all had regarding MMFD >.< SO amazing! xx

I think we all need one of these after what we learned today.,